Hello, I am Hailey! 

I am a mother of two wild children who are three and six years old. I am married to the greatest guy around, Jake, who happens to be my wedding photography second shooter ;) and the official prop guy.

I started my photography business  December of 2012 and it has kept me hopping ever since.

I love photography because it incorporates my two passions in life: children and art design. Growing up I always wanted to be a preschool teacher because I love the simplicity and genuine hearts of preschoolers but I was directed towards a marketing degree instead. I have managed a local bank for 8 years while maintaining a full time photography business. CRAZY I know. 

Any of my customers will tell you I am always on the go between my two jobs and family life but my time delivery is just as quick if not quicker than photographers who only do photography

I hope you take your time and browse through my work. I put a lot of time and love into sessions and editing and I hope it shows.

~Hailey Kinnamon-Hergatt

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